Dayz Release 1.0 Version

Das lange warten hat endlich ein Ende, DayZ verlässt den Early Access und geht nun in den Full Release, begleitet von einem freien Wochenende auf Steam.



  • Added: Crafting wooden plank from wooden log with hacksaw
  • Added: Camera misalignment during movement in iron sights
  • Added: Sounds for prone injured animations
  • Added: Impact sound for Hatchback
  • Added: Destroyed engine sound
  • Added: Sounds for base building
  • Added: Speaking animation connected to VoN
  • Added: Heat haze/shimmer
  • Added: New UI icons
  • Added: Additional sounds for animals
  • Added: Additional sounds for jammed weapons
  • Added: Horticulture (limited to garden plot and still WIP)
  • Added: Ability to see lights from a distance, outside of the shadow rendering distance
  • Added: animation for interaction with wire while having pliers
  • Added: gag action to rags
  • Added: New sounds for road flare and power generator
  • Added: New server browser
  • Added: Localization to Launcher
  • Added: Field shovel, farming hoe and ice axe can now be used to dig a garden plot
  • Added: Bleeding from infected
  • Added: New character scenes for the main menu


  • Tweaked: Infected AI (WIP)
  • Tweaked: Global light config
  • Tweaked: Temperature effects on hunger/thirst rates
  • Tweaked: Vehicles simulation
  • Tweaked: Input system (WIP)
  • Tweaked: Vehicles damage zones
  • Tweaked: Melee damage to animals
  • Tweaked: Engine damage icon
  • Tweaked: Damage system
  • Tweaked: Base building
  • Tweaked: Hunting jacket camouflage
  • Tweaked: Handling sounds for weapons
  • Tweaked: Responsiveness of the cloud system (clouds should adapt to the overcast values much faster)
  • Tweaked: Thickness of the cloud layer (should help visual quality on lower details)
  • Tweaked: Angle of rainfall during windy conditions
  • Tweaked: ghost slots made a bit more visible in inventory
  • Tweaked: base building (updated geometries, construction kit spawning, positions of material proxies)
  • Tweaked: UI (order of indicators, tendency arrows)
  • Tweaked: vehicle simulation
  • Tweaked: campfire animations
  • Tweaked: animals behaviour (alert level)
  • Tweaked: sounds for advanced placement
  • Tweaked: Sound of reloading for AKM
  • Tweaked: Increased size of base building attachments and construction kits
  • Tweaked: Weather
  • Tweaked: Some item sizes
  • Tweaked: Size of vital zones
  • Tweaked: Weapons sounds
  • Tweaked: Horticulture (user actions, grow time)
  • Tweaked: Light config
  • Tweaked: Unconscious state
  • Tweaked: Damage system for vehicles
  • Tweaked: System message
  • Tweaked: Metabolism and regeneration
  • Tweaked: Stamina and quantity progress bars
  • Tweaked: HUD icons
  • Tweaked: Server browser


  • Fixed: Client/server crashes
  • Fixed: Client/server errors related to in-game actions
  • Fixed: Time persistence after server restart
  • Fixed: Able to walk through base building elements after a restart
  • Fixed: Gunshots not being heard properly
  • Fixed: Client can be terminated upon selecting Play button in Main menu
  • Fixed: Inventory cannot be closed by pressing ESC button
  • Fixed: Handful of client/server errors related to in-game actions
  • Fixed: Environmental issues (wrong/missing roadways and collisions, incorrect textures/occluders, misplaced widgets)
  • Fixed: Fireplace in a barrel could disappear after closing a lid
  • Fixed: Attaching a headlight box to a car
  • Fixed: Injured crawling animation
  • Fixed: Swapping items from infected inventory could break a hand slot
  • Fixed: Hatchback windshield transparency
  • Fixed: Heat pack not heating up
  • Fixed: It is not possible to jump over a landmine without detonating it
  • Fixed: Missing recoil animation for the BK-133
  • Fixed: Quick bar may get stuck under some circumstances
  • Fixed: Player cannot be restrained while having burlap sack
  • Fixed: Infected do not react to another gunshot if already chasing after one
  • Fixed: Infected attempt to attack the player through wall instead of walking around it in some situations
  • Fixed: Infected climb stairs slowly
  • Fixed: Attached attachments for Plate Carrier Vest have the wrong position
  • Fixed: Clouds not affected by the fog
  • Fixed: Vehicle fluid and gear state is not properly registered by server
  • Fixed: Bullets do not register character standing in the bush/tree
  • Fixed: Headlights can be turned on while missing
  • Fixed: Base building sound synchronization issues in multiplayer
  • Fixed: Barrel can be moved via vicinity tab in inventory
  • Fixed: Canceling or finishing eating animation while in prone on back results in glitchy character movements
  • Fixed: Player can simultaneously block and perform melee attacks
  • Fixed: Having a perfectly flat surface is required to dig a garden plot
  • Fixed: Vehicles might be spawning above the ground
  • Fixed: All levels of construction are visible (base building)
  • Fixed: Unable to exit ladder when there is a zombie standing under it
  • Fixed: Weapon position is not the same if the object is approached while ADS
  • Fixed: Power generator has a small area to switch on/off
  • Fixed: Reddening of the screen sometimes taking on other color shades
  • Fixed: Inconsistent functionality of “enter” key in menu
  • Fixed: Missing sounds for gas lamp and gas stove
  • Fixed: VoN not working when 3 or more people talking
  • Fixed: Infected are having trouble navigating stairs
  • Fixed: Player can make level_3_wall_3 parts on Watchtower disappear
  • Fixed: CPR with barrel in hands causes characters hand to glitch
  • Fixed: It is possible to ruin watchtower/fence with single shot
  • Fixed: Power generator looks and sounds on even if its switched off
  • Fixed: Hidden stash can be visible in vicinity
  • Fixed: Strange facial animations that sometimes happen in vehicles
  • Fixed: Issues with planting seeds
  • Fixed: Bottles and canteens can be filled with fuel
  • Fixed: Desync in car’s gearbox state
  • Fixed: Infected might teleport towards players
  • Fixed: Player is stuck in gesture animation if his character is restrained
  • Fixed: Restraining player that is looking at a map will break the map, his animations and kill him
  • Fixed: Selected server moves out of page (server browser)
  • Fixed: Player’s left hand might extend upon disembarking a vehicle
  • Fixed: Wheels might be shaking/twitching
  • Fixed: Missing material/textures
  • Fixed: Some cases when a Torch was ignitable while it should not be
  • Fixed: The Torch not being possible to ignite from a burning Fireplace
  • Fixed: Seat can be moved while a player is sitting on it
  • Fixed: Faulty fire geometry components
  • Fixed: Connection to the last played server
  • Fixed: All servers have Official shard
  • Fixed: Client termination when in server browser with friends playing


  • Added: Scripts are now able to write files in the directories “$profile:” and “$saves:”
  • Added: Limitation to the file writing capability of the scripts (as security measures)
  • Changed: The Mod.cpp definitions are loaded only when the launched with -filePatching
  • Changed: The content of the mod.cpp must be included into the mod configuration
  • Removed: scrAllowFileWrite startup parameter


  • Server crashes can cause a persistence wipe. So especially for server owners, try to work with regular persistence backups and if you encounter server crashes, report with your crash dumps to our Feedback Tracker.
  • Clothes cannot be taken off restrained/unconscious characters.
  • This update is connected to a complete character/map wipe.


  • Changed: It now is the default option when the game is started from Steam



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